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Simon Wibberley

Simon joined Woodbridge International as part of our Business development team. He has since progressed to establish and manage our 1st African office based out of Cape Town, South African. Prior to joining Woodbridge Simon has many years of experience in Hospitality and co-founded a company focused on the production, brand development and export of wine. At Woodbridge, Simon is responsible for operations through Business development and Marketing in North America, Europe & Africa. Simon brings 13 years of marketing experience to Woodbridge and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Cape Peninsula University of Technology in South Africa and has completed studies in Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship.

Marni K. Connelly

Since 2004, Marni has brought over 20 years of experience as a financial professional overseeing the organization’s research and IT initiatives. The complexities of growing the firm, its strategic and operational solutions and what it takes to get it done leverage her diverse talents. Before joining Woodbridge, she was IT Project Manager for the Marketing/Finance team at Pitney Bowes. Along with a business degree with specialization in Management Information Systems from Western Connecticut State University, Marni brings tremendous experience, leadership, and knowledge to her clients and influences the culture that makes Woodbridge unique.

Kyle Kuhn

Kyle Kuhn


Lisa Micali

Lisa’s talent for writing both compelling and accurate sell-side books gives Woodbridge’s clients a distinct advantage over other sellers in presenting their company to prospective buyers. Her professional background includes extensive experience in launching new technology solutions in both consumer and business-to-business markets. She has held senior sales and marketing positions at several IT companies and managed strategic sales and marketing initiatives for Simon & Schuster’s newsletter division. Lisa is the author of two books on online auctions and numerous business articles. She holds a BS in Communications from Northeastern University and a Master’s degree in French from the Sorbonne.

Wooda Mcniven

Wooda McNiven

Wooda是一位商业估价分析师、商业撰稿人以及企业和工业视频制作人。从美国海军退役以来,Wooda主要集中于以合并和收购为目的的商业估值,也进行以房地产和税务为目的的商业估值。他是一名经过全国认证估价分析师协会(National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts,NACVA)认可的估价分析师。Wooda从康涅狄格大学获得了工商管理硕士(MBA)学位,从纽约大学获得了电影和视频制作专业的美术学士学位。他是一名海湾战争退伍军人,还在美国海军预备队服役担任指挥官。

Catherine Bucci

Catherine joined Woodbridge in 2005 and handles a range of activities in support of the firm’s dealmaking activities. Her expertise includes conducting telephone marketing campaigns and research related to sell-side and buy-side mandates. Prior to becoming a part of the Woodbridge team, Catherine worked in customer service for PHS Healthnet and earlier in the accounting department for Cartier.

Melissa Nicefaro

Melissa Nicefaro

Melissa是一位商业记者和分析师,拥有超过15年的涉及各行各业各种公司的经验。Woodbridge不断成长的团队由才华出众的商业分析师组成,她是其中的一员,集中于为卖方客户撰写出色的出价备忘。Melissa持有南康涅狄格州立大学(Southern Connecticut State University)新闻和企业通讯的文科学士学位。

Larry Reinharz

Since 2005, Larry has served as Managing Director for Woodbridge International. He brings more than 20 years of experience as a financial professional advising entrepreneurs, middle-market business owners and corporate executives on strategies to maximize their company’s value. Along with heading up new business development, Larry has worked extensively in several industries including manufacturing, distribution, business services, retail and healthcare. Before joining Woodbridge, he was a commercial lender for JP Morgan Chase and Merrill Lynch. He is a frequent speaker to business groups and law firms on M&A and corporate finance issues. His “Ask Larry” video series continues to educate prospective and existing clients domestically and abroad. A graduate of Manhattanville College with a B.A. in political science and economics, Larry lives in Pleasantville, N.Y. with his wife and two sons.

Don Krier

Don joined Woodbridge shortly after its founding and has been involved in virtually every aspect of the business. His entrepreneurial background, tenacity and talent for developing trust among all M&A parties enable Don to bring about profitable results for clients. Don has closed deals for a variety of manufacturers and distributors. Clients value Don’s deal-making expertise, commitment and persistence. He is a graduate of Taylor University with a BS in Business/Systems and has extensive marketing and management experience. Don has industry expertise in building/plumbing products and machining.

Robert M. Koenig

使Robert Koenig 于1993年创立Woodbridge International。 此前,他拥有的Koenig 公司是先进的供应零售分销及制造公司,年销售额从500万美元增至1亿美元后成功出售。Woodbridge 总裁Robert在完成了30个附加收购,并推动有机增长的公司出售给战略买家之后,捕捉到10%的美国最先进的供应市场。由Robert领导的Woodbridge International 已经成功地完成了价值数亿美元的交易,横跨广泛的行业。他以诚信的专业知识和激情以及出色的灵活机动著称。Robert的创新营销驱动的并购技巧为客户赢得最佳的交易方式,Woodbridge 享有今日的杰出成就。Robert 在消费品零售工业产品和航空航天行业拥有专业知识。